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Z100A shunt Voltage Regulator

This voltage regulator module has been designed specifically for loads requiring a regulator capable of bi-directional current flow for correct operation. An example would be valve anode loads using transformer primaries or chokes. Single ended series regulators would cease to regulate during the reverse current flow caused by these reactive loads. SET enthusiasts should note that the Z100A regulator does the job properly. The Z100A has excellent power supply line rejection (in excess of 110 dB across the audio bandwidth) when used with the CCS1A cascode constant current source. The regulator has been configured to allow a slow output voltage rise to protect valves from cathode stripping during power-up.

Specifications :-
All Z100A modules can be used at dissipation ratings of up to 100 watts continuous. The modules feature a heavy-duty, copper mounting bracket, which must be correctly mounted on a suitable heatsink for efficient thermal transfer. Contact me for advice regarding heatsinks as regulator dissipation and heatsink size can be optimised to match your project. For dissipations of under 5 watts no additional heatsink is required.
Working range                     
Z100A-200     10 to 200 volts, 10 ma to 5 amps, max dissipation 100 watts
Z100A-440   200 to 440 volts, 10 ma to 225 ma, max dissipation 100 watts
Power supply line rejection exceeds 110 dB from DC to 20 KhZ when used with the  CCS1A module.
Regulator output impedance is 2 milliohms (0.002 ohms) from DC to 20 KhZ.
Load transient settling time less than 50 nanoseconds.
Error amplifier noise specification is 0.5 nanovolts root Hz.
Prices in UK Pounds Sterling
Z100A-200                    87
Z100A-440                    87