Paul Hynes Design

CCS1A Constant Current Source

This high power current source module has been designed for precision constant current source applications requiring high impedance over a wide bandwidth. Typical applications include valve anode loads, single ended Class A amplifier loads, high impedance power feeds for high power shunt regulators.

As long as the terminal polarity of the CCS1 is respected it can be treated as a two terminal current source for use on positive or negative supply rails. In this case the anode (positive terminal) goes to the more positive potential.

Specifications :-
All CCS1A modules can be used at dissipation ratings of up to 50 watts continuous (100 watts peak when used with the Z100A shunt regulator during power-up). The modules feature a heavy-duty, copper mounting bracket, which must be correctly mounted on a suitable heatsink for efficient thermal transfer. Contact me for advice regarding heatsinks as regulator dissipation and heatsink size can be optimised to match your project. For dissipations of under 5 watts no additional heatsink is required.
Working range                     
CCS1A-200      15 to 200 volts, 10 ma to 5 amps, max dissipation 50 watts
CCS1A-550      15 to 550 volts, 10 ma to 250 ma, max dissipation 50 watts
Prices in UK Pounds Sterling
CCS1A-200                    34
CCS1A-550                    36