Paul Hynes Design

3 Terminal Regulator Replacements

Designed to replace three terminal integrated circuit voltage regulators in low power applications, providing considerably enhanced performance. The Z range of regulators are shunt voltage regulators. By virtue of their design, they have a better supply line rejection than the series regulators as the error amplifier regulates it's own supply. The S range of regulators are series voltage regulators (with bi-directional output current flow capability). These regulators are more efficient than the shunt regulators as they only draw the regulator circuitry quiescent current plus the load current.
Specifications :- Error amplifiers in regulators above 12 volts have a slew rate over 2,000 volts per microsecond and a minimum bandwidth of 150 MHz. Error amplifiers in shunt regulators up to 12 volts have a slew rate of 5,000 volts per microsecond and a bandwidth of 1 GHz. Settling time in all error amplifiers is < 10 nanoseconds and wideband noise spec 2 nanovolts root HZ. Typical output impedance from DC to 200 KHz for the Shunt regulator is less than 0.001 ohm and the series regulator is less than 0.005 ohm. Regulator dropout voltage is 1.5v for shunt and 3v for series. Height above board 28mm. Contact for applications advice.
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