Paul Hynes Design

SR1 Power supplies

These power supplies were designed to exceed the performance of all other supplies currently available for powering digital and analogue audio products including the Optima Red Top battery. The power supplies have an output impedance three times lower than the Red Top battery and this is maintained over a wider bandwidth. This allows three times less reaction on the power supply output, during load current changes. You can hear the difference this makes to your music as there is less signal inter-modulation from the power supply. For DIY enthusiasts the SR1-M shunt regulator module for DC input, and the SR1-MR shunt regulator module with on board energy storage and Schottky rectification for AC input, can be customised for any voltage from 3.3volts to 24 volts and for any current from 0.25 to 3 amps. Maximum SR1-M regulator dissipation is 40 w.
Specifications - error amplifier used in shunt regulator :- slew rate 5,000 volts per microsecond, gain bandwidth product 1 GHz, rise time < 1 nanosecond, settling time < 10 nanoseconds and wideband noise 2 nanovolts root HZ. Regulator output impedance is less than 0.001 ohm and the power supply line rejection ratio is 110 dB from DC to 200 KHz. Mains input is a standard IEC inlet. The DC output is a Lumberg precision chassis connector and 4mm sockets are also fitted for those who wish to experiment with DIY cables. DC1C DC lead using annealed copper twisted pair with polystyrene insulation, braided screen, terminated with a Lumberg precision connector to fit the power supply connector. Connectors to suit your equipment can be fitted with additional cost. Ask for a quote if this service is required.